Tate has a unique and strong CSR approach. We endeavour to deliver long-term value to countries we operate in through our indigenous partnerships, operational activities and CSR initiatives. We place a great deal of emphasis on working with the host communities in the areas where we have our assets.

Initially, Tate will hold consultations with communities and assess their primary needs. These will be community-suggested and community-led programmes, in conjunction with the approval of local authority to prevent duplication. We aim to have good communication with the local government authorities; we believe sustainability of these projects is very important and fully encourage the local communities to make use of the facilities that Tate supports. Wherever possible the community will source the contractor and oversee the project. Tate will confirm delivery and payment.

Local Procurement and Employment
The aim is to keep as much as possible of any CSR budget within the community and assign community projects contracts and jobs to local contractors who guarantee good quality work.